About us

BORD Ltd. is a company specializing in design and construction of major projects for civil needs. Our portfolio contains a list of business, administrative, residential and hotel complexes.

The main group of contractors and investors are foreign companies with international capital. The excellent quality of performance makes BORD a preferred partner. Our closed production cycle of activities is a guarantee for reliable and complete service.

For more than five years, BORD has successfully been in compliance with the requirements of the international organization for management quality certification - ISO 9001-2000


We are completely dedicated to high quality construction. Our projects implement the cutting edge achievements available in the industry.

In parallel, our architects and designers are striving to gain distinctive identity and beauty for each project we made.


The company manages workforce consisting of 3600 construction workers. 1100 of them are company employees. The management team has 15 experienced directors and
departments’ managers, who are supported by 16 Sales & Marketing experts and 27 office employees.

The total built-up area is over 510,000 square meters. Currently, there are 7 sites under construction which are in various stages of completion. All of them will be completed within the following 18 months.


BORD Ltd. was established in 2001. The company provides full professional construction service for a list of European investors. Our clients are mainly foreign companies and developers with international capital, which serve the interests of investors from Western Europe, Russia and Middle East.

BORD Ltd. is also a preferred partner of public authorities and organizations as Ministries, Municipalities, Government hospitals and Universities. Firm portfolio contains a list of business, administrative, residential and hotel complexes.

Management & Experience

In any time BORD Ltd. manages enormous workforce, 80% of which is outsourced due to the specific needs of the projects. The main departments of company are: Management and administration; Construction division; Transportation and mechanization; Engineering and design; Sales and marketing.

The engineers and the technical stuff of BORD Ltd. have experience in international civil projects including such in Russia and in Arab countries as Libya, Egypt, Morocco etc.

Head Office

Bord Ltd. 40,
P. Karavelov Str.,
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
tel.:+359­ 52­ 684­ 000
fax:+359­ 52­ 684­ 004

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