We have extensive experience in constructing buildings located on rather difficult terrains. Our engineering team has been working on more than 10 buildings, situated over complex fortifications, reinforced with concrete piles. The company applies the same technology in constructing of multi-storey underground parking facilities.

Our projects enjoy a reputation for the highest building implementation, unique design and undisputed craftsmanship. The quality management is based on ISO 9001:2008 standard and it is certified by DQS GmbH in February 2008.

The company could be definitely credited for its landmark projects on perfect beach-front settings and in the center of the city of Varna. Profusely used natural materials such as stone, wood and iron, bring a sense of style and eternity for all of our buildings.

Head Office

Bord Ltd. 40,
P. Karavelov Str.,
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
tel.:+359­ 52­ 684­ 000
fax:+359­ 52­ 684­ 004

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